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Meet Our Coaches

Dorian - Owner & Head Coach


Dorian Mosack is our head coach and owner.   He served in the Army for five years, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, while a member of the 82nd Airborne Division.  He then received his Bachelor's degree in education from Bradley University.  After teaching and coaching middle school students for three years, Dorian jumped head first into owning  309 Fitness. An all-around athlete, Dorian also competed in Mixed Martial Arts competitions for seven years and  held a 185lb title.  Dorian also is a Bladesmith and has competed on the History Channel's "Forged in Fire" twice -- check out his knives at his shop located just down the street from the gym or visit his website: Whiskey City Forge 


Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Coach

Alpha Warrior Pro Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Beast Performance Certified

Dorian - Coach & Personal Trainer


Dorian Mosack Jr. is a coach and Personal Trainer.  He is currently serving in the Air National Guard as a C130 Crew Chief.  He started doing CrossFit competitively in 2017  in our annual competition "Battle at the Ballpark."  Dorian Jr. grew up playing basketball, baseball and football.  He loves Olympic weightlifting and helping others achieve their fitness goals.  He also offers personal training.  

Complete Athlete Certified 

Adaptive and inclusive Certified 

Functional fitness / Group Functional Fitness

Olympic Weightlifting 


Instagram: Dorianmosackjr

Maddi- Coach & Personal Trainer


Maddi  is one of our Personal Trainers and  Rocksteady Boxing Coaches.  She has a background in weightlifting, CrossFit, and began competing as an amateur Muay Thai kick boxer when she was 13-years-old. She focuses on helping her clients and boxers achieve their health and fitness goals, as well as help them become stronger and

more experienced athletes. 


Complete Athlete Certification

Rock Steady Boxing Certification 

Email :

Instagram:  Madisonrdavis

Josh - Muay Thai Coach


Josh  is one of our Muay Thai  Coaches.  Josh is a 2-time Thai Boxing Association National Champion  and an International Kickboxing Federation Champion.


He coached seven National Muay Thai champions, multiple pro MMA fighters and UFC veterans.  He is also a Pro kickboxing champion . 


Josh has coached Muay Thai since 2007.   He  is an amazing coach with fighters of all ages and levels, from kids just starting out, to UFC - level fighters. 

Josh dived head first into the CrossFit community  participating in his first CrossFit competition  after only doing CrossFit for 8 months. 

Certified Kettlebell Instructor under Steve Maxwell

CHEK Nutrition and Exercise Coach

Precision Nutrition Coach 

Danielle - Muay Thai Coach


Danielle  primarily coaches our Intro to Muay Thai class on Mondays.  She first found Muay Thai in 2015 when a friend asked if she wanted to jump in.


She trained 5-6 days a week for a few years before turning most of her attention towards CrossFit. Over the years, she  has attended multiple Muay Thai seminars, assisted in coaching kids' summer camps, coached fighter's strength & conditioning classes, and judged youth exhibition matches. 

She started CrossFit in 2016 and has competed in a numerous of competitions.  She was named "Fittest Woman in Lebanon" as she has dual citizenship, earning a spot at the CrossFit games, the highest level of CrossFit.  She has also competed in Wodapalooza in Miami ,as well as our very own Battle at the Ballpark, although she prefers to judge these days.   Her favorite part about our gym is the community.

Jason - Muay Thai Coach

Jason  is a  Muay Thai Coach and competitor.   He started in 2007, after a short stint practicing Brazilian Jujitsu.  Since then,  he has trained in Thailand  and attended seminars from Saenchai and Petchboonchu. The aggression and combative nature of Muay Thai is what attracted him to the sport, but the community and friends that he has made along the way is what has kept him in it.


He thoroughly enjoys coaching and seeing the progress of practitioners, regardless of whether they ever step into a ring.  His favorite fighter is Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong.


If he's not practicing Muay Thai, he is hanging out with his daughter, hiking, kayaking, lifting and eating.  If you need any restaurant recommendations, message Jason.

Katrina Howard.jpg

Katrina - Registered Dietician

Our nutrition coach, Katrina, is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.  She has over 10 years experience working with performance nutrition and weight loss. She got her nutrition degree from Benedictine University and did her dietetic internship and graduate school at Saint Louis University.


She loves helping people realize that they don’t have to starve themselves to lose weight and that athletes need a lot more fuel than they think.   As a mom of 2,  she enjoys helping new moms get back on track with healthy, mindful eating strategies.  She is also a NASM certified personal trainer with a certification in Women’s Fitness Specialization.

Holly PJ Star Picture.PNG

Holly - Owner

Finally, our team wouldn't be complete without Holly.  As you may have guessed, 309 Fitness is a family-owned business with Holly & Dorian leading this great culture and Dorian Jr. following in their footsteps.

Holly was "baptized by fire" with CrossFit when Dorian said he wanted to start the gym.  She fell in love with it and became CrossFit Level 1 certified a few years later.  Through her CrossFit journey, she learned that 1 in 3 women leak during physical activities, due to the intense pressure against the bladder.  Through her own frustrations, she developed a line of leak-proof activewear, Moxie Fitness Apparel.  

Her favorite part of owning the gym is seeing the transformations take place -- not just the physical, but the mental transformations.  She loves the confidence that comes from exercising and the community of the gym.  She also loves that her 2 younger sons, Tristan and Colton are also developing a passion for fitness and coaching others!

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