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The hardest part is getting the courage to step in the door.  We've all been there.  Most of our members have never done Olympic lifting before... or it's been a LONG time.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that you need to be in shape to do CrossFit.  That couldn't be further from the truth!  Everything in CrossFit is 100% scalable.  Our coaches will show you how to scale each movement.  There are no mirrors for a reason.  We don't want you worrying what you look like or what everyone else is doing.  We want you focused on you!  And that's what is great about our community.  We support one another, we don't judge one another.  



All new members are required to an introductory session with one of our 309 coaches.  In this session, we will introduce you to basic functional movements and Olympic weightlifting.  Email us here to set up your session.


At the completion of your introductory session, you will have a 2-week free trial.  Come as often as you'd like, feel it out, and see how you mesh with the community.   We want you to feel a part of the great 309 culture!  Depending on your comfort level, you can always set up additional sessions with a 309 Personal Trainer,  or jump in on classes with the rest of the 309 community!


We want to make sure you are comfortable at the start of your fitness journey.

If you have functional fitness and Olympic weightlifting experience, we offer a 2-week trial for you to come check us out .  Simply email us below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! Message sent.

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